Friday, 9 July 2010

Travel Blog Success - ECourse.

Imagine for a moment, you are traveling on the open road, and you have the support and camaraderie of your own loyal readers, plus extra cash in your pocket from sponsors!

Do you want to experience:
  • Readers who are inspired by your stories, even more so than your best friends?
  • Readers who offer supportive thoughts when you’re feeling lonely or unwell on the road?
  • Advertisers contacting YOU, willing to pay hundreds (potentially thousands) of dollars?
  • FREE trips offered by adventure and marketing companies?
Travel blogs are a gateway to all of this and more, if you know how to use them properly.

What You Get

Members-Only Forum where you can ask questions, network, and receive feedback on your blog.
Audio Interviews with Mike Richards (Vagabondish), Craig Martin (Indie Travel Podcast), Pam Mandel (Nerds Eye View), Stephanie Michaels (Adventure Girl), and more.
12 written lessons on key concepts
, including:
  • Week 1 – Defining Your Goals, Web Hosting Options, and Choosing A Smart Domain Name
  • Week 2 – Critical Design Concepts
  • Week 3 – How to Write Scannable Blog Content
  • Week 4 – Reader Engagement & Standing Out from the Competition
  • Week 5 – Search Engine Optimization Simplified
  • Week 6 – An Introduction to Key Blogging Metrics
  • Week 7 – The Role of Photography
  • Week 8 – Video Blogging Tips
  • Week 9 – Mobile Technology
  • Week 10 – Strategies for Dealing with the Realities of Blogging From the Road
  • Week 11 – Making Money – Beginner Methods
  • Week 12 – Making Money – Advanced Methods
Exclusive Blog featuring additional tips to compliment the lessons and Forum discussions.
Permanent access to the lessons, the Forum, and the Blog for your ongoing use and reference.
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