Friday, 9 July 2010

Where do rich people spend their vacations ?

If you had all the money in the world, where would you go on vacation? Forbes created a list of the preferred places by the most richest people in the world, and how much they paid so they can enjoy their free time.

1.The youngest billionaire in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, starting the year with a vacation in India. The 25 years old billionaire was seen in Pune visiting Osho International Meditation Resort. He posted on his Facebook page an image underneath he said ” I Will be present at the wedding of a friend, and i want to visit a few cities while I am here”.
2. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, spent his vacation last year with his family at Skradin, a medieval city of the 18th century 
in Croatia.

The representatives of the tourist office of the city said that Bill 
Gates arrived on a super yacht and visited the Krka National Park and Skradinsk Waterfall. The Gates Family walked on the streets of the small town, also eating at the local restaurants.
3. The popular movie director, Steven Spielberg, made a trip together with his wife, Kate Capshaw, to the Celtic regions last year. The group lead by poet David Wythe, made a tour that also including housing in the villagers homes, in the village of Ballyvaughtan, trips and walks through the rocky region Burren and many other things.
4.Texas magnate Kelcy Warren, recently added in his portfolio of vacationing places the Boot Jack farm, a property of 3.500 acres for which he paid in April, 46.6 million dollars. Other billionaires, like David and Charles Koch and Roman Ambramovich, tend to visit the Colorate State. Ambramovici bought in 2008 two houses in Showmass Village for 48.000.000 dollars.

5. Africa is a top destination for people who like wilderness.
 The director of a hedging fund, Paul Tudor Jones II, owns a property in Zimbabwe, where he goes to hunt and fish. Sir Richard Branson owns a private gaming area in South Africa. The technology magnate, Tom Siebel, traveled last year to Serengeti, Tanzania. 6. Lovers of free air and wilderness, often go in groups in Costa Rica, there tourists can enjoy the exotic views, walking through the Jungle and then they can relax on the beautiful beaches. The owner of the football team Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, was seen spending his vacation here.
7. Founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, added a new toy, Nymph Necker, to his property in the Caribbeans. Nymph Necker is the first luxury submarine. To rent the submarine, 
one has to pay $25.000 per week.

8. The Hamptons, this attraction place in New York is a refuge for many celebrities, but also billionaires, among which we mention Ron Pearlman, Ron Baron and George Soros. The heging Guru, David Tepper, was seen on the beach of a villa, and Steven Spielberg owns a house in the East Hampton, which .is named Quelle Farm

9. The Bermuda islands represents a home for many billionaires , that owns homes near the private beaches of Tucker. The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, owns a house there. Among people who bought homes there we also mention Silvio Berlusconi and Texas billionaire Russ Perot Sr.

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