Thursday, 30 June 2011

Enjoy Wildlife and a Luxurious Stay at Ranthambore Resorts

Ranthambore resorts provide great accommodation for travelers in a variety that consists of luxurious and budget hotels located near Ranthambore National Park. Travelers always have a choice in selecting their accommodation through the following hotels in Ranthambore.
Dev Vilas

It is one of the most prominent among the Ranthambore Hotels. It stands at 3 1/2 acres of land and is situated near the entrance of the Ranthambore National Park. The hotel is comprised of 19 deluxe rooms, 7- tented bungalows and 2 suites. Every room is uniquely designed, with its style, color and ambience to fascinate every vacationer.


It is another Ranthambore Hotel that is comprised of 12 elegant bedroom tents, with verandahs and restrooms, a cafe, a dining tent, and other verdant spots to loll. These tents are same with
tents originally created for the Maharaja Jodhpur in last century’s turn. The tents are meant to shelter and provide comfort to al sorts of travelers in the farthest locations.
Pug Mark

It is composed of 20 well-created rooms and 6 tents, a mini bar as part of the hotel’s main objective and features that give the comforts of an enjoyable stay for you. The well-made suite has a paradise-like master’s bedroom and is equipped with a small bar. It has a private pool which is a sensational spot, making visitors feel as if they are followed by paparazzi.

Ranthambore Regency Hotel

This is among the popular hotels in Ranthambore with contemporary facilities, which stands at 3 acres of lawns 10 kilometers away from the National Park. There are 22 super deluxe rooms, 20 poolside cottages and a luxury suite. Every room has an air conditioning system, facilities such as cable television and telephones, bathrooms with hot or cold water settings, and a well-designed dining hall where you can savor on Chinese or regional cuisine, Indian or Continental menus, providing an ultimate dining experience.

Khem Villas

This is a complete shelter itself where one can observe birds and animals, doing their acts in the grasslands. The nearness of the place to the park makes it a traveler's favorite spot.

It offers visitors with pleasurable dining and accommodations, some of the best in the field. The villas can also arrange excursions and trips to different tourist destinations in the park. This place is perfect for travelers who need space and peace of mind.
These are some of the Ranthambore hotels you can select from when you visit the Ranthambore National Park. Book your accommodation today online by checking out various travel websites that helps you to find the right accommodation packages.


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