Thursday, 9 June 2011

Enjoy your trip to Egypt

Egypt is one of the most ancient places best suitable for spending vacations and enjoying.
The pyramids of Egypt are famous for its history and also to the location of many of the movies.

The geographical attribute of Egypt include the Red Sea which is the source for many of the finest beaches in Egypt. Egypt Beaches are very clean and have transparent crystal clear water which reflects the beauty of Egypt. On these beaches tourists can enjoy their favorite water sports, underwater diving, parasailing etc. Guides are there who help everyone in these water activities. Now there are some of the best beaches that need to be described.

Cleopatra's Beach: It is located in Marsa Matruh and is very old and famous beach. In ancient times kings and queens use to come and swim here. Cleopatra's beach has cool water but suitable for swimming and bathing.
Visitors can enjoy themselves also seeing the rocky cliffs around the beach and relaxing their mind lying for some time. There are roaring breezy waves circling in the waters of the beach.

Alexandria Beach: The Alexandria beaches are also old beaches filled with cool water adequate for swimming and spending time for relaxation. The calm waves moving in the beach are an added attraction to the beach. Visitors can swim and bathe on the beach and enjoy with their family and friends.

Sharm El Sheikh Beach: The Sharm El Sheikh village has the most beautiful beach in Egypt and is very lively as most of the tourists visit here only. It is suitable for all water activities of swimming, diving and playing. A number of beautiful fishes and coral creatures are there in the sea which is worth watching.
The viscous sticky sand on the beaches gives pleasure walking on it.

Hurghada Beach: The source of water in Hurghada Beach is the grand Red Sea. Hurghada Beach is one of the best beaches and this makes most of the people stay nearby the beach. The breezy shouting waves of the beaches relax the minds and body of the visitors. People can swim here and play water sports and do other water activities. The beach has clean water and the surroundings are also very neat and tidy.
The most exciting part of the Egypt beaches is their nightlife. You can enjoy the whole day and night here. All the shops are opened all the time. For your entertainment music is also played so you can dance and enjoy your trip.

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