Wednesday, 8 June 2011

How to Enjoy Your Thailand Tour

We all love travelling and exploring new places but our vacation will be pleasant one if and only if we have planned it well. There are plenty of travelling tips available on net, which are quite useful. Here I have jotted down few of my travelling tips which i leant from my Thailand trip.

Cairo to Thailand

Trip to Thailand was my first tour out of my country. Trips were very much part of my childhood life. Every year I visited a new place around my native. Every time when I went on tour I ensured I have checked on my traveling tips which passed on to me by my family, ensuring water bottle, first aid medical, few headache and nausea tablets and the list goes on. Most important of all is packing the carriage bag to minimum.
I was quite thrilled, foreseeing myThailand tour which was arranged by the traveling agent. The traveler had handed over a print out of my plane tickets along with itinerary. I went through the sheet of paper; I read the details of my Thailand trip. The trip was only for a week of time so my trip consisted visiting two cities of Thailand; Bangkok and Pattya. But in the whole excitement I just forgot to check out, tips on traveling on internet. In spite of knowing the net is full of traveler guidelines just skipped all. Finally my tour started and as in when I was enjoying my vacation, I faced few loopholes in my tour. I just felt I should have done more home work on my trip.

Here are few tips to traveler from my Thailand tour experience:
Traveler tip 1: Purpose of the visit:
So you are going on vacation to relax or to visit new places and to know more about the place. You are interested in the normal life of the foreign country men, to know what their lifestyle, their eating habits is. The purpose should be clear and according to that you can plan the visiting places. If you want to relax then there is no point in going to the most populated and polluted city. If you want to visit many places, see museums and learn history of the place, then city is much better as they have more facilities for traveler.

Traveler tip 2: Read about the places you are going to visit:

This is a very basic but most important. Knowing information about the place helps you to know more about the place when you meet the guide. Instead the guide reciting over the details which are on net, you can look for more in depth information on the temple, or fort or about the place you would visit.

Traveler tip 3: Never visit the cosmopolitan cities:

The fact is usually people from cities go on tour, than from small towns or villages. So you are already in a city then again visiting another country city is not quite appealing. The same big malls, big roads, elevators, the jeans and T-shirt etc which you can see even in your city. Bangakok left me in disappointment. There were few planned and made places in Bangkok but my purpose was in the routine life of a villager of Thailand.

Traveler tip 4: Location of your hotel:

I wanted a place to relax and away from the crowd, that’s the reason I requested a hotel booking away from populated places. Then once I landed in the hotel I realized that my hotel was in outskirts of the city, where getting a taxi was difficult I couldn’t just walk down for a stroll. The hotel was good but outside of the compound wasn’t sophisticated enough to go out for a walk alone. Ensure where your hotel is located before you say yes to the booking.

Traveler tip 5: Don’t visit many places:

As I soon I landed in Thaiand Swarnaboomi airport, I was shifted to Pattya.. A nice place I must say. I walked around Pattya, met one localite and I spoke to her. It was very interesting. Pattaya trip was good but before I could see the whole Pattaya, my day to travel back to Bangkok had arrived. In the whole Bangkok I was remembering the Pattya trip. I felt I should have spent my vacation in Pattya. So ensure you have got sufficient time to see one place completely. Just getting a glimpse of the place is nothing like watching it on TV I feel. Even Bangakok is a very nice place, definately. Here are few tips for Bangkok traveler too.
Traveler tip 6: Take trolley bags:

If you have to walk long distances, your carriage bag becomes the big burden on you. If it is a trolley you can just pull it with you. Especially the long walking places you encounter in airports were you can’t hire a taxi and buzz off. :)
These are my traveling tips learnt from my Thailand tour; please feel free to share your traveling tips. My Thailand trip was great, I enjoyed but it could have been better. These are the lesson I leant from my tour. The traveler tips for sure I will remember when I go for my next tour.

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