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How to Enjoy a Vacation in Indonesia

It’s like entering another world when setting foot on a land like Indonesia with its charismatic landscapes and colors of wisdom enveloping the horizon with some hidden history. Basically an archipelago of over 18,000 islands, it’s where the Earth was still young, timeless. Somehow that area of the world never got the memo that civilization suddenly got larger and more ‘advanced’. That’s the appeal. It’s cut off from everything. All you have is the beginnings of a world that somehow is separate from everything else….

Where do you start in Indonesia, an area right between China and Australia with all its islands of paradise? You can start off in Bali, the pinnacle of freedom away from a corporate, crowded concrete jungle of noise and ‘progress’. Rent a villa in Bali, one of the larger islands in Indonesia, and witness the sheer the imagery before you steal your breath away, the waters so perfect and untouched. Paragliding and diving are two of the many activities you can participate in before taking a relaxing siesta in your villa with the view caressing your very being.

It shouldn’t only be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, though. Bali real estate in Indonesia is a hot commodity. Owning a share in it earns you one of the best pieces of paradise God could possibly offer. Think ‘summer home’ on steroids, a dose of of absolute perfection and clarity injected. Make no mistake: it’s not like any other ‘summer home’. If you nab any of the properties available in the island of Bali, you’re sitting on gold for the rest of your life, an area of beauty all year round you can visit and enjoy all for yourself until the day you pass on the property and everything you’ve created with it to your heirs and other family members.

A Tropical Indonesian Adventure

Imagine a paradise filled with lush tropical surroundings and the sound of rushing waves soothing your mind. You’re in a country that contains one of the best tourist destinations in the world and one of the largest producers of a distinct type of coffee. Can you guess where you are? You’re in Indonesia.

If you’re wondering, Bali has been consistently voted as one of the best tourist destinations on the planet. Also, Sumatra is an island that produces Sumatran coffee.

Indonesia has something for everyone. If you’re an adventurer who loves taking part in activities, you can go hiking, scuba diving, rafting and so much more. Indonesia has everything for the typical adventurer. Did you know that world-class surfers go to Indonesia to ride some of the best waves they’ve ever experienced. There’s something for every international adventurer visiting Indonesia.

If you’re more about staying in, then know that Indonesia is a perfect place to relax within a resort. Take some time and have a spa day. Treat yourself to a massage. The great thing about Indonesia is that Western currency goes far in the country. For example, you can find a street side meal for about a dollar or less. You can also haggle prices to go even lower. So, take some time to experience luxury in Indonesia at a great deal. Another great aspect about Indonesia is the nightlife. The nightlife is spectacular and club hopping is a total possibility.

Indonesia is a unique travel destination that has so much to offer. The great thing about Indonesia is that a huge part of its economy is to cater to tourists, so there is always something to accommodate tourists. If you’re into adventure or you want to stay in and treat yourself, Indonesia has all that and more to offer to your experience.

Culture Enthusiasts Must Not Miss The Bali Spirit Festival In Indonesia

There are many countries that boast of culture and great heritage to attract tourists. However, very few nations actually encourage tourists to assimilate themselves into the local culture. Watching local dances by experts from all over the country is something that many tourists enjoy in Asian countries. However, having a chance to actually learn the classical dance popular in a country is not very common.

That is what Indonesia offers to tourists visiting its Bali spirit festival. This is a festival that is conducted on an annual basis in the month of March. The festival lasts five days and is a must visit for every culture enthusiast who wants to know more about Indonesian culture and heritage.

You can check out the traditional dances and other performances by experts from all over the country. If you want to de-stress yourself and relax, you cannot for the classical Hatha Yoga, which is unique to the Hindu civilization in the country and which is now adopted by majority of people as a wellness therapy.

Too much of culture and too little of modern entertainment can convert your holiday into a field trip. Well, you can check out the world famous beaches in Bali and other parts of Indonesia. You can log onto the internet and checkout fun destinations from home. Since the country is surrounded by water on all sides, it is impossible to escape the lure of water sports. The country has some of the best beaches in the world and the combination of about good planning and management means it is a must visit for all tourists.

The country values its status in the world as a tourist destination in East Asia and tries to put up the best for visitors. You can contact the Indonesian embassy in your country to know more about the various attractions that the country offers. Or, you can just log onto the internet and the checkout images of its beaches and descriptions of the Bali spirit festival online.

Diving, Surfing And Beaching – Indonesia Is A Great Place For These Activities

Would it not be wonderful if you could combine your decision to travel to a foreign country with a chance to explore your favorite sport in a completely new environment? If you love surfing, then your decision to visit Indonesia will help you try your surfing skills at one of the best location for surfing in the world.

The large coastline makes the country a favorite of surfers from all over the world. It is not just a question of large number of surfing spots. It is also question of the quality of surfing. Experts have recognized that Indonesia has some of the best surfing spots in the world. Not only will your family enjoy a great time on the beach, you can also surf to your heart’s content and come back from the vacation looking fitter and better.

As Indonesia is good for surfing, it goes without saying that you will have a great time diving under the water and witnessing the beauty of nature under the water. It is also one of the best diving spots in the world. Seventy percent of all the fish species in the world can be found in and around the waters of Indonesia. This means that snorkeling and diving is going to help you take a peek into nature’s real beauty.

Tourism in Indonesia is fun but you should also consider the cultural differences that exist between the people of western countries and citizens of Indonesia. Indonesia is a somewhat conservative nation and you should keep this factor in mind. They also have a different political setup as compared to standard democracies in western countries.

Hence, you should be very careful before you get yourself involved into anything political or religious. It is best to stick to tourism and vacationing along with enjoying the cultural richness of Indonesia.

The Best of Indonesia

If you are considering a trip to Indonesia, there are three areas that cannot be missed. Bali, Bunaken and Jakarta all offer tourists a unique view of Indonesia, its people and its culture. Depending on your personal tastes and interests, one of these three beautiful attractions may very well be the ideal tourist destination for your next vacation.

How does it feel to fly with the best ?

Bali, known as the Island Of God, has risen to become one of the most popular white sand beach attractions of the world. Even better, several major hospitality publications, such as International Travel Magazine, have actually named Bali the world’s most friendly island. In 2010, more than 1.5 million people visited the island. Its popularity is based primarily on its warm weather and its beautiful beaches. It is a spot that shouldn’t be missed.
Bunaken is known as a diver’s paradise. The park located on this island is world known for the diversity its coral reefs and arrange species show. The park itself is very large and ideal for the purposes of both snorkeling and diving. It is also in the area that is well known for its efforts in the area of marine preservation.
Finally, for those interested in a more urban environment, Jakarta maybe perfect. It is the largest city located in Indonesia and has a population of more than eight million people. It is so large, it ranks number 12 in the entire world. The city is filled with cultural attractions including museums, local eateries and local art.
While every tourist is looking for a different experience, Indonesia is unique because it offers a little bit of something for everyone. Taking the time to explore this vast and varied country is important and a pleasure.

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