Monday, 15 October 2012

The Best Singapore Nightlife for Chilling Out

The music pulses across the dance floor and soon you feel your heart beating to a cadence of booming drums and thunderous bass. A party atmosphere full of gyrating bodies and intense colors, Singapore nightlife is a lesson in the extreme. While the city is a marvelous place to see during the day, it's when the sun goes down that the temperature really heats up! The best thing is that no matter what your mood, Singapore nightlife has something for everybody.

The Best Singapore Nightlife for Chilling Out

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay each offer the tourist an ideal place to enjoy a delicious meal and relax in a club to the soothing sounds of jazz or smoking blues. For a bit of jazz, head over to Harry's Bar. It's one of the best jazz clubs in Singapore, where many of the locals stop by for an after work drink to mellow out. For blues, there's none better than the live music found at the Crazy Elephant. Be warned, however, an occasional rock band tends to amp the place up from time to time. At the Crazy Elephant, the drinks are excellent and the atmosphere is pure rock ‘n blues.

The Best Singapore Nightlife for Clubbing

When you finally manage to leave your relaxing Singapore hotel, you will discover what the night has to offer. Zouk is a club found on Jiak Kim Street where House music pounds and the frenzied revelers dance the night away among the rhythms and laser light shows. Zouk is held on par with some of Europe's most famous dance clubs, and is so renowned that many popular artists perform there to the appreciation of crowds of young, sexy dancers. If you want a place to dance all night long, where your pulse will quicken with energy and excitement, then Zouk is where you'll want to spend your nightlife in Singapore. Perhaps the best feature of Zouk is that it's actually four clubs in one. The main section is where the House music flows, the Velvet Underground is the home of Techno, the space age Phuture is where you can groove to some Trip-Hop or you can take a break from dancing and relax at the Zouk Wine Bar.

The Best Singapore Nightlife for Pubbing

Mohammad Sultan Road is where you can hit pub after pub and enjoy a different experience in each one. From the old-style warehouse feel of Wong San's to the simplistic allure of Amoeba to one of the few gay bars in Singapore named Sugar, there's a comfortable place for you to tilt one back along this renovated back alley. Singapore is well known for its nightlife and you can enjoy the best of what it has to offer by simply doing some research into the country's nightlife before you make your Singapore travel plans. The Internet has many reviews and recommendations by former visitors to Singapore and their advice should be taken into consideration before planning your trip. Check out the hottest clubs in Singapore's nightlife and you can count on your fantastic experience in this magical land to last long into the night!

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