Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kabukicho Best naughty place around the world

red light area in japan
Travel is about doing things a bit differently and for some the appeal of a few naughty places might be just what you are looking for. This does not just mean red light districts but could also be about indulgence.

sex in japan

Kabukicho is the place to go if you are looking for a red light district in Japan. While prostitution is still illegal, there are enough loopholes in the law that any adult can have a lot of legal fun in the district. 

If you have an interest in the unusual, then Kabukicho is the place for you.

When you think of the red light district in Kabukicho Japan you should not think of Amsterdam. This red light district would be better thought of as similar to the Times Square in NY one. There are no giant windows offering the services of a prostitute. The Kabukicho red light district is also not the biggest one, but that does not mean that it is not a very unique experience. For a better experience in what Kabukicho has to offer you should try arriving after 6 pm when the district seems to be more active.

What You Will Find 

Kabukicho will offer you some of the things that you would expect to find in other red light districts around the world such as peep holes, DVD shops, small bars and hostess clubs. One thing to add and something that makes this red light district different is that the strip clubs are not necessarily what you would find in New York, Amsterdam and others. These are Japanese clubs which are geared towards the stranger sexual fantasies. It is not difficult to find the things that would be considered fetishes that range from a dominatrix all the way to the secretary fantasy.
Karaoke takes a "red light district" ambiance because unlike other places this is naked karaoke. You could also take a chance and go for a rented sex doll. Another thing that you will find is the groups of schoolgirls which are a prevalent fantasy in Japan, and all of them display their legal ages. Finally you could also get scrubbed into heaven in the soap lands where a lady will rub you to happiness by using soap.

Taking Care 

Though you should be relatively safe in Kabukicho you should still be careful when it comes to a few things in the area. You should always pay attention to your surroundings and to the prices that you will be paying. Some of the clubs in the area are already very expensive to begin with and if you had one too many drinks you will probably end up paying more. You should also know that the clubs are allowed to be open until midnight. If it is past midnight and a club is still open then you would do best to avoid it. These clubs are usually the ones that have some links to local gangs and going to them is just not worth the risk. Be careful if you are drinking because the criminal elements will prey on the people who seem alone and not in full use of all their senses. 

What Is Legal? 

The first thing that you should know when you visit the red light district in Kabukicho is that prostitution is not legal, but the local businesses know that there are loopholes in the law. The definition of the word prostitution is legally defined as coitus which means that non-traditional intercourse and non-coital sexual services remain legal. In order to remain legal the businesses will offer what is called non-coital services. That is the main reason why Kabukicho remains a popular destination for adult travel with over 150 thousand people passing by it every day. As mentioned earlier the clubs can only be open until midnight and that has been the norm lately due to Japan's bid for the 2016 Olympic Games.


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